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How we work with creators

Our mission is to help create a reliable source of recurring revenue for YouTube creators through authentic sponsorships, so creators can continue to invest in and grow their channels.

Working with amazing creators to create long term partnerships

Working with Makrwatch has been a pleasure. Far from just a one-off, they have provided consistent sponsorship for my channel and as time goes by our relationship grows stronger. Communications have always been swift and coherent, making them a joy to work with.
Alyn Wallace
Photographer - YouTube Creator

I really enjoyed working with the Markwatch team! Their communication was always top-notch with me. A punctual turnaround time on content is important to my brand. Markwatch and I always made that a priority as well!
Caitlyn Neier
YouTube Creator

I enjoy working With the team at Makrwatch! They have been a blessing to my family and I! I really appreciate the prompt responses I usually get from them! It means a lot to have a company that I can depend on! Also their platform is easy to use! I love that!
Lynette Yoder
YouTube Creator

I’m a YouTube creator, and I’ve worked with Makrwatch for multiple sponsorship opportunities. I’ve been in touch with a few of the Makrwatch staff and they have been super friendly and helpful. They provided helpful guidance all the way from signing the contract to producing an awesome sponsorship mention. As a result, the sponsorship videos turned out to be successful for both myself and the brand I worked with. I’ve worked on 12 sponsorship videos with the help of Makrwatch and will gladly continue to work with them in future sponsorships. I would definitely recommend Makrwatch for any YouTube creator wanting to partner with brands and increase their earnings.
Thilakanathan Studios
YouTube Creator

Makrwatch has been such a great help in the growth of my Youtube channel. Their team was such a pleasure to work with. I like how they matched me with the brands that are in line with my content and provided me with talking points and brand assets to make an effective promotion each time. They set clear expectations and always have me and my viewer’s interest in mind. 

I only have a handful of subscribers when they reached out and I will always be thankful to Makrwatch for seeing the potential in me and giving me the opportunity to be an ambassador of their different brand partners. After more than a year and lots of sponsorships that they have sent my way, I couldn’t think of any partnership more successful than what I have with Makrwatch.

Mimi Luarca
YouTube Creator

After working closely with Makrwatch on several sponsorships spanning on almost 2 years, I can truly say they are a wonderful company to work with, they are responsive, friendly and extremely approachable, with outstanding customer service, I would highly recommend this wonderful company!
Catherine Kay
Katnipp Studios - YouTube Creator

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